Educational material

Wind Energy; General


'Introduction to Wind Energy', CWD 82-1, 2nd edition, May 1983

By Erik Lysen, managing director of UCE, written for CWD, Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

See Introduction to Wind Energy










Curriculum for secondary school: 'Introduction to Wind Energy', 2001,

By Paul Smulders & Jan de Jongh

See Curriculum_Intro to WE Secondary School




Wind Chargers


Small wind turbine systems for battery charging (2003)



a module from the course “The Implementation of Wind Energy”

This course was developed by Arrakis together with ECN and given for 12 subsequent years

Key words: windchargers, selection criteria, applications, wind turbine components, system sizing, energy storage, batteries, economics.

Full report pdf-format (English): Wind_Chargers_2003.pdf

By Arrakis Associate Gerrit Jacobs, main editor, Co-authors, Jan de Jongh, Remi Rijs, Jan Pierik ECN.



Project small windchargers (1997)

Key words: Design, building & field testing of the EOLUZ wind charger, Nicaragua


By: Arrakis Associate Remi Rijs 

Full report pdf-format (Spanish):  Project small windcharger






 Performance of two permanent magnet generators for small windchargers (1998)

Key words: DC permanent magnet generators, charging batteries, efficiency, matching generator with rotor.

By: Arrakis Associate Gerrit Jacobs

Full report pdf-format (English): Performance_Generators




Wind Pumps 


An Analysis of the Wind Rope Pump System (2006)

Key words: water pumping, pumping technology, appropriate technologies, theory, Weibul Wind Regime, hydrodynamics.

Description: Technical paper describing the wind rope pump system using a stationary approach. Expressions are derived for the system efficiency and long term output.

by Paul Smulders and Remi Rijs.

Document pdf-format (English): wind rope pump


Wind pumping. The state of the art worldwide (1996)



Key words: windpumping, windpump types, market, manufacturers, R&D programmes, product development, implementation.

By: Jan de Jongh

Full report html format (English): WPs_worldwide



Wind pumping: a handbook

 Author: van Meel, Joop ; Smulders, Paul ; 

 Document Date: 1989/07/31

Document Type: Publication

Report Number: WTP101


Interest in wind energy and in its application to the management of water supply has been growing. Many opportunities exist, especially in developing countries, for wind power to be used effectively and economically to pump water. This is particularly of interest in areas where other forms of energy are difficult or expensive to obtain. As a result, wind pumping in many instances represents the most effective and economic alternative. The first chapter is specifically dedicated to the question "Is wind pumping for you?". Chapter 2 then provides an overview of the characteristics of the technology. Chapter 3 discusses the techniques for sizing of wind pumps, while chapter 4 discusses the sizing of alternative small pumps. Chapter 5 provides guidelines for financial and economic assessment of wind pumping. Finally, chapter 6 provides particulars on installation, maintenance, and other logistical matters.


The report can be downloaded from: