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Examples of Affordable & productive Wind Pump Technologies 

Wind pumps supplying water for productive use such as for cattle, irrigation, salterns, shrimp farms, fish tanks and for drinking water as well.


  wp saltern

 alt heap


Foto’s Salterns Vietnam



 H10 nica




  H 10, Wind Rope Pump Nicaragua



 kijito homa bay


Kijito 18 years serving school in Homa Bay, Kenya


The Wind Rope Pump


The wind rope pump has been developed in Nicaragua by Henk Holtslag and is produced and sold by the workshop Aerobombas de Mecate (AMEC) in Managua, which started production in the beginning of the nineties and until now, has delivered and installed about 400 systems.


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 Wind Chargers



  Examples of Affordable & productive Wind Charger Technologies 

 eoluz amec



Windchargers for households


 wc rectere


Vietnam; wind charger from

”Rectere” with farmers family

Eoluz; Nicaragua