Educational material


Affordable technologies for clean water supply in South East Africa (2006)

Key words: wind rope pump, hand rope pump, Baptist drilling method, ceramic filters with colloidal silver.

Description: short narrative with photo-gallery of implementation of affordable technologies in Arrakis projects in Zambia & Mozambique (2006), by: Jan de Jongh

Document pdf-format (English) : Projects Zambia-Mozambique

Baptist manual drilling technology, Bolivia (2006)

Key words: Baptist drilling method, low cost hand pump.

Description: short introduction video film on the Baptist drilling method, as developed by Terry Waller Southland B.C. Community development missionary and project director of Water for All/Agua para Todos in Bolivia and used in the ARRAKIS project in Mozambique. Website Water for All

Video (English): Baptist manual drilling


 A Hydrodynamic Model of the Rope Pump (2006)

Key words: water pumping, pumping technology, appropriate technologies, hydrodynamics

Description: Technical paper describing the hydrodynamic behaviour of the rope pump, which is widely applied in Central America, especially in Nicaragua, by Paul Smulders and Remi Rijs.

Document pdf-format (English): Rope Pump Model