Well recharge systems, continued

Another option is artificial recharge such as “Tube Recharge”. This is a new low cost option to recharge groundwater aquifers by means of plastic tubes, protruding through the impermeable layers, making direct connection with the aquifers possible. Rain water that would otherwise run off to rivers (on sloped terrains) is caught  in contained holes (dug out or dams) provided with a recharge tube.

The recharge tubes are closed by a cover tube, which is only taken of after the collected water has settled for some time, allowing particles to settle down at the bottom of the hole and the water to become clear. After having taken off the cover, the collected water flows through the recharge tube into the aquifer.

When these recharge tubes are installed about 10 to 20 m away from wells, they can increase the water available in the aquifer for the well. A minimum distance of 10 m should be kept, in order to filter the water before it reaches the well.

Care should be taken that they are placed in such a way that they do not interfere with latrines outlets. The holes can be drilled manually by means of sludging or other low cost methods, if soil conditions allow.



The tube recharge system being prepared,

EPF Chimoio 2006

The same spot after a heavy rain shower, Nov. 2007.

Notice also the large heap of run-off sand,

indicating soil erosion.