Siphon filters, continued

A standard ceramic filter is treated with colloidal silver, making the filter resistant to 99,98 % of harmful bacteria. First surveys indicated that health improved (less cases of diarrhoea) and people are able to use and clean the filter after some training.

This is much better than for untreated ceramic filters, which are used by millions of people worldwide. In the Mozambique project the various components, which are produced in different countries in the world, have been assembled in Mozambique. The candle type ceramic filters were imported from Brazil. The ceramic candle filter lasts for 1 year, after which it should be replaced. The rest of the parts last much longer.

Presently the Dutch firm Basic Water Needs is assembling these filters and selling them from India. They can also provide the filter with a pre-treatment option.

The costs of  a siphon system is around 8 Euros.

For specifications see: Tulip siphon filter specifications

For instructions see:  Instructions for use