Hand rope pumps, continued

It has the advantage that it can be produced at relatively simple workshops with locally available materials, and maintained by users in the rural areas, after having received training. Rope pumps can be used for communal water supply, and at family level for domestic use and irrigation. Costs range from 80-150 US$ ex factory, depending on model and country of origin. This hand rope pump can be installed on hand dug wells, which can be closed by cement covers for drinking water purposes, or left open (for irrigation). It can also be installed on Baptist drilled tube wells, with a minimum casing diameter of 2”.

When used by women and children, an output of 30 litre/minute with a pumping height of 10 m is normal. The output is dependant on the pumping height, e.g. when the height doubles to 20 m, the output halves to 15 l/min.

Various models are being produced. The pole-model as used in most projects is the cheapest possible version, with wooden poles as the basic structure to support the handle.

World wide over 3 million people now use this option


First pole hand rope pump in Bilibiza

The first pole hand rope pump being installed in Bilibiza,

Mozambique Nov. 2005