Vietnam water project

The Aqua4all Project Vietnam

Dissemination of affordable technologies to rural farmer-families for drinking water and income generation

Arrakis, in cooperation with GVC (Italian development organization), Peoples committee Hue south, CCRD (Center for rural development)  and on a longer term, UNICEF and SNV, (Netherlands Development Organization).


Visit to a user of a siphon  filter in a rice field.


In several regions in Vietnam there are still many rural families without access to safe drinking  water. Average income per capita of these families is around $ 1/day. The quality of life of these families can be improved and incomes increased by providing them with  affordable and simple to manage water technologies for drinking water and domestic use. 

Where there is no centralized treatment plant,  point of use treatment such as SODIS or ceramic water filters will improve water quality.

The quantity of water can be increased with low cost storage,  new wells and pumps which can result  in income generation by increased use of water at the household level for micro irrigation for gardens or small plots. This as an alternative for diesel pumps or electric pumps which are often too expensive for poor families.  In some cases wind energy for water pumping is an option in coastal areas where the wind regime is strong.


The inception mission, in May 2007, confirmed good potential for some water technologies, and Aqua4all provided funds to Arrakis to continue with  a second phase titled:

Transfer of Technology and Field Testing of affordable water technologies”.

The proposed technologies are rope pumps both hand and wind powered, micro irrigation and siphon ceramic water filters.


In phase 2, the technology will be transferred and relevant target groups will be trained, to ensure proper manufacture, quality control, installation and use of the new technologies. 


Based on the results of phase 2, eventually phase 3 and 4 will be executed, which will include follow up, leading to dissemination on a larger scale.

Project location:           Hue as focal province in Vietnam.
Beneficiaries:                Smallholders, subsistent farmer families in rural Vietnam.
Financiers:                    Aqua4all  Netherlands

Period phase 2:             May 2007 - March 2009.

The long term objective:

To improve the quality of life of tens of thousands of rural families in Vietnam, by dissemination of affordable technologies for drinking water, domestic use and small scale irrigation.

Objective of phase 2


·        To build up capacity in Vietnam, of major key players in the production, installation, use and maintenance of a selected number of technologies being rope pumps, both hand powered and wind powered, water storage, micro irrigation and ceramic water filters.

·        To attract a number of organizations that than can apply the introduced technologies in their own development programmes, by demonstrating them the installed technologies.


Target groups of phase 2:


The expected project results are:

The final project results are:


The two objectives have been fulfilled to a large extent:


·        The first objective: Capacity building of major key players in Vietnam, in the production, installation, use and maintenance of a selected number of technologies has been executed.

Rope pumps, both hand powered and wind powered, were manufactured, installed and being maintained by the workshop Huy Phat in Hue.

Furthermore cooperation with the organization Ideas at Work in Cambodja was established, and possibilities of introduction of the rope hand pump produced in Cambodja were investigated.

Ceramic water filters, 100 siphon filters were imported and set out with families with help of SNV.

Water storage and micro irrigation could not  be introduced in the way it was planned. Only on a private plot close to Huy Phat one demonstration field with hand rope pump supplying water to a micro drip irrigation system was installed. Most organisations, like GVC and IDE did not consider it as high priority or did not have resources to invest time and resources in it. Partly caused by the fact that during our missions in most time there was (too) much water available.


·        The second objective: A number of organizations that can apply the introduced technologies in their own development programmes, were attracted, especially SNV and HTP 2, the   National rural WatSan programme in 3 Northern provinces, in cooperation with SNV Vietnam, etc.  This resulted in a new Transfer of Technology assignment from SNV to Arrakis, which was executed by Henk Holtslag in Sept 2008 and which resulted in a follow preparation of a large scale pilot project introducing 100 hand rope pumps and 2500 Siphon filters, with SNV as the leading organization in Vietnam, supported by Water Right and Aqua for All. A number of organizations are considering financial support, such as Heineken, Rabobank, Micro Water Facilities. Arrakis will provide in kind support as well.


The overall progress is best described in the report SNV Mission Report Nov 2008