Mozambique watsan for schools

Water and sanitation for schools in Cabo Delgado
Country ; Mozambique
Period:    December 2009 - December 2011
Total required budget:  24.500 Euro
Sponsored by Aqua4all:
12.250 EuroAqua4all Logo
Aqua4all project nr. 
Number of facilities: 78 Latrines
26 rainwater harvesting systems
100 sifon filters
3900 Children awareness training on Hygiene etc
No of people reached 
3900 children
Local organisation Grupo de Saneamentio de Bilibiza
Org. in Netherlands Arrakis

Children of Primero de Maio in front of the school

Children of Primero de Maio in front of the school


A primary school  is a "centre par excellence" where future adults should learn about basic practical knowledge, like on safe water, health, sanitation, etc. In general it is very worthwhile to invest in hardware like latrines and water facilities and educate the pupils in awareness on the need for hygiene the importance of water for health and income. Within Qirimbas Park in Cabo Delgado Northern Mozambique, there are 26 very poor developed schools which lack basic conditions latrines and water. 

Arrakis who works in this region via other activities started to find funds from individuals wherewith 9 latrines at 4 Schools were built. These latrines are already serving a total of 624 pupils.  Other schools are very interested and  have asked for similar facilities.

The provisions given to the schools with this project are the first steps of a transformation process of these schools resulting in educating their pupils to become "developers for their own region where they come from" rather then educate them for jobs, which are not available anyway. This education method has been developed by FUNDAEC ( and  has been rewarded by the club of Budapest (Gorbatsjov & Laszlo) to be the "most considerable revolution of education in the 20 th century".

Implementing organisation:

The local NGO  "Grupo de Saneamento de Bilibiza" is fabricating latrines and cement bricks, in improving the schools in the region, in a step by step process. Arrakis has started to support this local organization, by providing funds and giving Technical Assistance. It is well known to them that latrines, one for girls and one for boys will contribute to less dropouts. Especially more girls will attend the school, having their own latrine now. (compared to having only the open bush before)

One by one latrines will be build in these schools one for boys and one for girls

In a number of schools rainwater harvesting systems will be constructed consisting of roof plates, rainwater gutters, and a low cost storage tank of wire cement with a content of  4 Cubic meters.

All investments will be combined with awareness raising actions under school pupils, done by the teachers, which will be educated in these subjects.


The project has been completed mid 2010.


End report:

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