Mozambique water project

The Partners for Water Project Mozambique - Transfer of Technology and Market Introduction of Affordable Water Supply Systems to Smallholders

Arrakis, in cooperation with ADPP Mozambique and RR Energy, The Netherlands.

Arrakis is active within a number of projects in Africa, together with Connect International, GAIA-Movement and ADPP/DAPP, for the last 3 years. The projects focus on affordable water technologies for small households and farmers in rural areas. A second technology is the production of oilseeds within local communities for producing biofuels for self-supply.

Low-cost water technologies, like hand rope pumps, wind rope pumps, animal traction pumps are mostly used for drinkwater supply combined with productive uses, meaning contribution to income generation. In combination with low cost irrigation systems, agricultural production is increased. One interesting low-cost technology for providing clean drinking water is the siphon filter.

Project location: Chimoio and surroundings in Mid-Mozambique
Beneficiaries: Smallholders, subsistent farmer families in rural Mozambique
Project location: Chimoio and surroundings in Mid-Mozambique
Financiers: The main financier is the Dutch organisation Partners voor Water, contributing 80% of the project costs. The remaining 20% is contributed by Arrakis and its project partners.
Project period: April 2006 - December 2007
Objectives: (1) The long term objective of this programme is to improve the quality of life of poor smallholders in Mozambique through improved access to safe drinking water and water for irrigation. (2) The aim of the current project is to execute a transfer of technology and demonstrate a field test program of proven and affordable wind pumps (developed in Nicaragua), manual drilling methodology, low cost drip irrigation systems, groundwater recharge systems, Syphon ceramic filters for water purification and Sodis sytems in Mozambique. (3) A parallel line of activity is the development of a micro-credit system for enabling smallholders to purchase the systems which are aimed at income generation.


Document about the Siphon Filter

Report of the Conference held in Chimoio on the 13th of November 2007. Report

The expected project results are:


Per June 2007, the technology has been transfered and the farmers and schools are starting to use the systems in the dry season, while ADPP will be monitoring. For more pictures see the report FotosMoz.pdf.

Final Report 2008: Report (in PDF)

PVWMoz_ProjSam_1-windpump PVWMoz_ProjSam_2-workshop
First wind rope pump produced in the project and installed with micro-drip irrigation system at the "Formigas de Futuro" school. Major staff at the ADPP-APF Workshop where the pumps are being produced.