Mozambique jatropha project

The FACT/ADPP Mozambique Jatropha Project

Arrakis, in cooperation with ADPP Mozambique and FACT Foundation, The Netherlands. 


In remote areas in developing countries, where the supply of fossil fuel is often unreliable and costly, locally grown biofuels can be an important asset for development. Among a range of crops, Jatropha has a number of characteristics that make its use for local development particularly promising. It is a wild plant that is not demanding with respect to soil quality and water, and it is known already by farmers in Africa, India and Central America. Among a variety of oil-producing crops, FACT will initially focus on the cultivation of Jatropha by small farmers, as a means for local development.

Locally produced Jatropha oil can be used to operate a diesel engine to produce electricity for lighting, work shops, education and medical facilities. Jatropha oil can also be used directly for lighting and cooking and it can be processed for making soap. This requires technical input, training and investment in equipment. On the other hand, it provides local labour and -contrary to electrification schemes dependent on diesel fuel- the community is not exposed to international oil prices. FACT will implement and monitor the application of locally-produced biofuel for human and economic development, through pilot projects in several countries.

The project

ADPP is a non-governmental organisation for development in Mozambique and has been active in Mozambique, for more than 20 years. ADDP operates under the umbrella of Humana People to People, an institution which is supporting organisations such as ADPP, worldwide.

ADPP has acquired a strong position in Mozambique as a result of its Teacher Training Colleges programme (Escolas Para Futuro, EPFs). The colleges are managed by persons who are highly dedicated to this task. The EPFs are partly self-supporting. Another strong point of the EPF programme is the extension of the curriculum with methodologies and techniques acquired through ongoing projects, such as for water supply; the schools obtain a pump and training on irrigation and crop production for self-supply. The production of Jatropha will also be introduced in this way.

ADPP’s primary role in the Jatropha project will be:

Project Information

Special website about FACT project: Jatropha for local development Mozambique

Since during the project period of 4 years, from 2007 -2010, many reports and presentations  have been written, pictures have been taken of one of the first three projects from FACT, in rural Mozambique, we thought that it might be useful to place all these reports and pictures on one site.

Therefore the following site was created by Flemming Nielsen

This site contains about 90 reference reports and presentations, made by the various people involved in the project. Also i
nformation can be found on the
FACT website.