Malawi water for usisya

Title ;                    Water for Usisya

Country;               Malawi

People reached;  5000

Total budget;       21.659 Euro

Sponsoring org.: Aqua for All &      Waterbedrijf Groningen

Org. in Malawi:    CCAP

Org in Nl:                ARRAKIS

Period :                2 years  2011-2013   

Rope Pump Usisya

 Tulip siphon filter


Usisya in Malawi is located some 40 km  north-east of Mzuzu, the regional headquarters of the Northern Region of Malawi, and about 300 km north of the capital Lilongwe. The centralized piped water system of 82 taps installed there reaches some 6000 persons but due to contamination of the supply above the intake, as well as a lack of a sustainable maintenance programme it is not able to supply safe water as intended. Therefore people may take contaminated water from the tap, or from rivers and directly from the lake Malawi. This water is often contaminated with faecal coliforms because of animals and human activities upstream. Especially in the rainy season it is also turbid because of the erosion. Because of this contamination and poor hygiene the incidence of diarrhea is one of the highest in the country and in some villages there have been cholera outbreaks. To improve this situation it is proposed to implement a 3-stage program of (a) well improvement, (b) health and hygiene education, and (c) promotion of household water treatment solutions (HWT’s) which include Waterguard, PUR and Tulip Siphon filters.  The local organization Temwa among others involved in the prevention of Hiv/Aids, has demonstrated these filters in this area which generated much interest. The Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP), who is working with Temwa, requested advisor Henk Holtslag who advises other Malawian NGOs in rope pumps and well drilling, to assist in a project that enhances existing hygiene promotion, for instance on schools in the area and expand the number choices of HWT by including effective low cost Tulip water filters besides the others options. For filter import and first dissemination in Usisya, CAPP received funding for 400 filters from the so called BevNet group from the US. This fund was generated by SWI, Safe Water International and Larry Siegel who is involved in this and other area in rope pumps and water filters. Where possible, the project will use the guidelines of the 300in6 initiative of which Aquaforall is host. The main guideline of 300in6 is “no gifts” (except in schools emergencies and special cases). If people pay they have more ownership. For information see



Increase health and reduce the number of water borne diseases by means of making new wells, improving existing open wells and the introduction of household water filters



Expected results


    Progress Reports


         Progress up to August 2012 by CCAP : Progress Report August 2012


         Final Report Sept 2013 by CCAP: End Report