ARRAKIS Team of Associates

The ARRAKIS Team of Associates is a group of independent professionals who co-ordinate closely in order to undertake larger projects. They are based in the Netherlands, Uganda  and India. In most cases acting as Project Managers and Technical Trainers-Advisors they are active in innovative pilot projects leading to socio-economic development. The total added working experience of all team members in this type of work is over 100 years, resulting in an experienced team. Since each Team member brings in different knowledge and skills, the Team members are very much complementary. When joined to work on specific projects, the Team indeed acquires “added value”.

The ARRAKIS Team at present consists of the following Associates:


Jan de Jongh ARRAKIS,

The Netherlands



The Netherlands



Henk Holtslag,

The Netherlands



Krishna Raghavan,



Flemming Nielsen,

The Netherlands/

South Sudan

Advisors to ARRAKIS

ARRAKIS has been assisted by two Senior Advisors, who both passed away.

We owe them a lot and dearly miss them.


With much regret we have to mention that our collegue and friend , advisor to ARRAKIS Ir. Paul (P.).T. Smulders, retired teacher in Mechanical Engineering at TUe and former head of Consultancy Services Wind Energy for Developing Countries (CWD), passed away on July 19, 2009





With much regret we have to mention that our collegue and friend, advisor to ARRAKIS, Prof. Kees (C.) Daey Ouwens, founder of FACT Foundation and retired professor in Renewable Energy at the University of Technology Eindhoven, Tue, passed away in October 2007.



Advisors and Associates have known each other for many years. Individually, most Associates work both in the commercial and the non-profit sector. The ARRAKIS Team operates in Europe, South Asia, Africa and Latin America.


CV of Jan de Jongh MSc

Consultant in renewable energy (1943), based in The Netherlands. Shipbuilding engineer, director of ARRAKIS since 1998.

Broad industrial experience of which 11 years in shipbuilding in the Netherlands and 22 years in renewable energy. Has worked as a designer and project manager at three shipyards. Activities included project and R&D management, design, research & product development, specifications, acquisition and contract negotiations.

Has built up experience in the renewable energy field since 1986, especially in wind energy. Worked until 1990 as the project manager for CWD (Consultancy services Wind energy for Developing countries at Eindhoven University), covering R&D and Transfer of Knowledge as a specific area.

Started his private consultancy company RED Renewable Energy Development in 1990, focussing on: human capacity building; design and organisation of training courses; seminars and workshops on renewable energies; and consultancy in these topics. Since 1998 the RED activities have continued as ARRAKIS.

Field experience in the following countries: The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, North Korea, Vietnam, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Curaçao.

Languages: Dutch, English: fluent; French, German, Spanish, moderate.

CV of Remi Rijs MSc

Renewable energy specialist (1964), based in The Netherlands. Engineer in technical physics, director of EOLOGICA since 2002.

Ample experience in wind energy technology, both large and small scale. Active in commercial large-scale projects, wind assessment and project development in the Netherlands.

Has worked on R&D at Eindhoven University from 1988-1992, covering wind rotor aerodynamics and water pumping technology. Teaching experience in The Netherlands and Mexico (1993-1995). Consultant with RED from 1995-1998, working on several renewable energy projects in The Netherlands, Peru and Nicaragua.

Employed until 2000 by the Mexico City Municipality as a consultant on energy efficiency and innovative public lighting concepts.

Active in commercial wind farm development with Dutch company GEN since 2000, including site and resource assessment, legal procedures, project management, finance and tenders.

In 2002 he founded his own company (EOLOGICA) to address the commercial market for renewable energies as well as development projects, covering field work, data collection and applied R&D.

Excellent writing and project designing skills.

Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, German: fluent; Italian, French, good. 

CV of Krishna Raghavan MSc

Renewable energy specialist in hybrid systems, chemical engineer (1951), Masters in Renewable Energy Islands (2015). International energy consultant, home based in India, but currently based in Canada.

Over 30 years of experience in: solar energy, wind energy and small hydropower, product development, feasibility studies, project development, installation, repair and maintenance, measuring, end-use surveys and training.

Former owner of RENCON and employed by the Tata Energy Research Institute, Greenpeace India and Folkecenter (Denmark). With Tata, he developed the Small Wind and Hybrid Power Test Center in Gujarat. With Greenpeace India involved in village electrification in the Himalayas.

Is a specialist in hybrid wind energy systems (diesel and diesel-PV), combining theoretical skills (modelling and system design) with ample field experience. He is an expert on monitoring and performance evaluation, including maintenance and repair issues.

Field experience in India, Nigeria, Ecuador, Canada, USA, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

Languages: English, Hindi: fluent; French: good.

CV of Henk Holtslag BSc.

Specialist in rural development with focus on developing and knowledge transfer of low cost water technologies. Based in the Netherlands.. Ships engineer background and several developments courses.

Extensive experience in international development for over 30 years, including 2 residential years in Tanzania, and 11 years in Nicaragua.

He has worked in 20 countries, in Africa, Asia and Latin Americain in knowledge transfer to NGOs and private workshops Technologies include: 6 models of rope pumps (powered by hand, animals, engines and wind), manual drilling, micro irrigation, water storage, groundwater recharge and water filters.

He is the initiator of the Smart series and main author of Smart Water Solutions published by the NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership. www.NWP.NL ) In Nicaragua he started the workshop AMEC, which is functioning as a knowledge centre and produces technologies mentioned above.

He participates in MDGs ( Millennium Development Goals) related forums worldwide to create awareness of the potential of Smart Tecs to reach water related Millennium Goals, presenting both good practices and failures

Specialised in development and capacity building by means of hands on technical training. Good representative skills.

Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, fluent; Fench, German, Swahili, moderate

CV of Flemming Nielsen (PhD)

Agricultural Geographer with extensive experience in agricultural research and research management. Currently based in the Netherlands but with more than thirteen years of professional experience in Africa and several European countries. Countries of major postings include Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Main activities over the last years include research project management, applied bio-fuel research, research design and support to reform of national agricultural research system. Has extensive experience in bridging the divide between social and natural sciences. Areas of expertise include GIS, web development and scientific software.

Particular strong skills in research conceptualization, planning, design, implementation and management, integrating multiple disciplines, institutions and countries under difficult circumstances.

Among past employers are governmental development agencies (Danida, Gov. of Lower Saxony); international research centre (ICRAF), universities in Europe (Wageningen, Copenhagen) and Africa (Makerere), developmental NGOs (ILEIA, CARE, MS-Denmark) and the consultancy company (Banana hill) which he founded in 2000 with four partners.

Flemming speaks fluent English, Danish and German and has working knowledge of Portuguese.