Our mission



ARRAKIS overall mission is to improve the quality of life of rural populations in countries where extreme poverty occurs.


ARRAKIS is developing innovative projects in water & energy to demonstrate effective and sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty. Therewith ARRAKIS supports the Sustainable Development Goals, more specifically Goals 1 , 2, 3 ,6, 7 and 8.


 Development Approach:

 Though Affordable Technology is important, ARRAKIS is convinced of the key role of the human factor for sustainable development. Starting point and prerequisite is the genuine participation of people. The best way to achieve this is by capacity building, and making knowledge accessible to people. An (anonymous) Chinese poet once expressed this as follows:



If you want to plan 1 year ahead, sow a seed

If you want to plan 10 years ahead, plant a tree

If you want to plan 100 years ahead, educate the people



ARRAKIS has built up a network of reliable partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with whom a long term relationship has been built up. These partner organisations are the key actors in the projects and are performing most of the work in direct cooperation with the local population.


Supporting paper

A paper written by late prof. Kees (C.) Daey Ouwens of Eindhoven University of Technology and FACT – Foundation, Arrakis Advisor: Poverty alleviation and the energy supply (2006), supports the Arrakis mission philosophy.

Document pdf-format (English): Poverty alleviation & energy