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Posted on: 15-06-2011

President of mozambique visits jatropa project

The president of Mozambique, Mr. Guebuza visits the Biofuel Center in Bilibiza (BBC) Cabo Delgado.

President Guebuza

After the visit of the first lady, Mrs. Guebuza in 2008 to the FACT-ADPP project in Cabo Delgado, it was now the turn of the president of Mozambique himself to visit Bilibiza, on Saturday the 4th of June. He was very impressed by the farmers clubs, the jatropha production and the oil processing factory.  Bachir Afonso, one of the project leaders of the FACT-ADPP pilot project in Jatropha,  was explaining and handed him an informative paper. Some farmers from the clubs were present and showed products from their fields at an exposition made by ADPP.  Bachir explained the challenges ahead and asked the president for support, amongst others  from the University Eduard Mondlane to help with quality control of the PPO. The visit had a duration of half an hour. According to Bachir the president wanted to replicate the set up in Mozambique.  In some editions of the newspaper Notícias  it was reported that several farmers in Northern Mozambique had jatropha seeds in stock, which they were unable to market. Some 6 years ago the president had asked the Mozambican population to plant as much jatropha as possible, which had been followed up by quite a number of farmers. However  no oil processing facilities were planned by the government, and at present facilities like BBC that can produce PPO from jatropha can be counted on one hand. ADPP is herewith on the forefront on jatropha production by poor rural farmers and can therewith provide an example to rural areas in Mozambique, with suitable conditions to grow jatropha.