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Posted on: 12-06-2014

Assist a village in mozambique; request for funding

From the baseline survey carried out within the former project in three typical remote villages it was found that unfortunately not a single household uses an improved water source, and It was also found  that 86% of the households do not treat their water.

This clearly shows that these communities are in need of assistance for clean water supply, which is one of the most important sources of development.

ARRAKIS is supporting a local partner: GSB, in solving the water problems (since 2008).

For $ 3000 (or € 2200), 150 people can be provided with fresh water in a remote village, by means of a hand rope pump, placed on a manual drilled well. Moreover, part of this money will be used for capacity building of users, well diggers, metal workshops to create a sustainable supply chain of WASH Technologies.
For further reading see:  Assist a Village

If you are interested to support a village in this way you could make a donation to:

Bank Acount: IBAN number: NL39 RABO 0334 2140 170334 2140 17, RABO Bank

Veldhoven Swiftcode: RABONL2U,

Contact Department Payments Tel Nr: + 31 (0) 40 – 230 66 6140 – 230 66 61

e-mail: info@veldhoven.rabobank.nl

Account holder: ARRAKIS, De Olieslager 7, 5506ER, Veldhoven

Contact person: Mr. J.de Jongh, Tel nr: 0031 40 28194540031 40 2819454 Mention; Assist a Village, Mozambique