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Posted on: 19-11-2019

ARRAKIS has stopped to operate as an organization

ARRAKIS has been operating as a small international development organization from 1990 till mid 2018. Mid 2018 the organization withdraw as a private entrepreneur from the Chamber of Commerce. As a result no new projects can be executed by Arrakis. All partners, who were working with Arrakis are continuing however in the field of work Arrakis was involved in, aiming at sustainable rural development. Its focus was on capacity building of human resources and institutional development, as well as development and transfer of Affordable Technologies in the field of renewable energy (wind and biofuels)  and safe water supply  in rural areas of developing countries.

A (very) short description of all latest Arrakis partners, with present whereabouts is given underneath.

Jan de Jongh, based in The Netherlands, who headed Arrakis, retired but is still supporting projects as a volunteer (low key) and is on the Board of BioenergyForumFact (https://www.bioenergyforumfact.org/ ), an organization which facilitates the promotion of the production and use of sustainable biofuels in developing countries, mainly by providing an online knowledge database.
Jan de Jongh can be reached by: info@arrakis.nl

 Henk Holtslag, based in The Netherlands, water specialist, has been the main promoter of the Smart Centre Group (www.smartcentregroup.com ) and is still very actively involved in it’s activities. Currently the Smart Centre Group consists of 4 running SMART Centres (Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia) and 2 SMART Centres in establishment (Ethiopia and South Sudan). The goal of SMART Centres is to establish supply chains of Market-based, Affordable and Replicable technologies, like hand Rope pumps and EMAS hand pumps, and many more technologies, that are also fit for households (Self-supply) and for income generating uses. SMART Centres have been training and guiding small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries for many years. Trained entrepreneurs now supply affordable water technologies to communities and households.
Henk Holtslag can be reached by: henkholtslag49@gmail.com

Remi Rijs, based in The Netherlands,  Renewable energy specialist, based in The Netherlands. Engineer in technical physics. In 2002 he founded his own company, EOLOGICA (www.eologica.com ),  to address the commercial market for renewable energies as well as development projects, covering field work, data collection and applied R&D. Ample experience in wind energy technology, both large and small scale. Has been active in commercial large-scale projects, wind assessment and project development in the Netherlands. Working on several renewable energy projects mainly in middle and South American countries for main clients as UNDP, UNIDO and ADB.
Remi Rijs can be reached by: info@eologica.com

Flemming Nielsen, based in The Netherlands,  Agricultural Geographer (with Ph.D. from Wageningen University, WUR) who is focusing on improving the livelihood of smallholders in Africa. In 2004 when he was Technical Adviser on agricultural research to the Government of Mozambique he began exploring the suitability of Jatropha Curcas for local energy production in Central Mozambique. From 2006 till 2010 he was managing the research component of the R&D FACT/ADPP Jatropha Project in Northern Mozambique, a project that tested if local energy supply from Jatropha is feasible.  Flemming Nielsen is also one of the Board members of BioenergyForumFact.
For many years Flemming has been researching agroforestry, carbon sequestration and biochar. He has been working as System Agronomist for IITA, based in Bukavu, DR Congo.

He is one of the founders of the Banana hill ( www.bananahill.net ) consulting company, an organization focusing on sustainable agriculture development, based in the Netherlands, serving NGOs, international agencies, universities and private companies.

Flemming is presently involved in a large UN project in rural agriculture development in North Sudan, probably until 2022.
Flemming Nielsen can be reached by: fnielsen@bananahill.net

Krishna Raghavan, based in India, International energy consultant, Renewable energy specialist in hybrid systems,  Masters in Renewable Energy Islands (2015) from the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

With over 30 years of experience in: solar energy, wind energy and small hydropower, product development, feasibility studies, project development, installation, repair and maintenance, measuring, end-use surveys and training, in worldwide projects.

In 2017 Krishna  joined UPES - the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in Dehradun as Professor in the Department of Electrical Engg. which has the Energy Studies courses.  There are 2 Masters level courses:  M.Tech. (Master of Technology) in 1) Energy Systems and  2) Renewable Energy. 
Krishna Raghavan can be reached by: krish.raghavan@gmail.com


ARRAKIS website (www.arrakis.nl ) will stay online for a not yet determined period. Eventual closing it down will be announced in a Newsletter.

Much of the experience gained with executing projects over the years is laid down in reports and manuals on this website. They can be downloaded for free for anybody who is interested