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Posted on: 25-11-2009

Training centers for rural technologies mozambique

Capacity Building & Development of “Training Centers for Rural Technologies”,

In Bilibiza and in Chimoio, within the FACT pilot project in Mozambique

Jan de Jongh


The development of the “Training center for Rural Technologies” in Bilibiza (3,5 hours driving from Pemba, Cabo Delgado) is well underway. From 14-26 September the first training course on “Jatropha cultivation” was successfully held.  The course was positively evaluated by the 7 participants coming from various institutes and provinces in Mozambique. Presentations and exercises  in class were developed and given by project leader Henderson Maposa,  Flemming Nielsen and Jan de Jongh of FACT. More than 50% of the time the participants were involved in practical work, during which they jointly prepared a field and planted that with jatropha seedlings. Practical exercises, like pruning of the jatropha plants around the center and germination tests were also done. Visits to existing farmers clubs were made as well. The presentations of the course are placed on FACT’s website.

Next year the course will be repeated at the same period in September.


 The “Training center for Rural Technologies” in Chiomoio, is also being prepared.

The center will focus on Technical subjects, like oil conversion and hand rope pumps for water supply.

ADPP has a well established conference center at the EPF teacher training school. Various Affordable Technologies for rural development can be demonstrated at the school. These technologies were produced by the workshop of EPF and installed at the premises of the school, in a two years training program by Arrakis.

Specific technologies related to biofuels are being installed at Evretz, the farm of Brendon Evans in Chimoio. A 1000 l biogas system has been built by Niels Ansø together with Jan de Jongh and Brendon Evans in October 2009. A small bio-diesel demonstration  system will also be installed by Ger Groeneveld, in December 2009. Further technologies in place are a Chinese Lister copy diesel engine (make Feidong) which has been modified already and is undergoing an endurance test on cotton oil, and two oil presses which are used to press the cotton oil.

These technologies will be treated in the Technical Course on “Rural Technologies for Bio-fuels”, to be held in October 2010 for the first time.


5th Seminar on Jatropha for local development

The 5th Seminar on Jatropha in Chimoio for stakeholders in general, is planned just before or just after the technical training course in Chimoio.



Please follow the announcements at the FACT website for more information about these events, in due time. www.fact-foundation.com