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Posted on: 01-02-2010

Transfer of cwd knowledge to duwind

Transfer of CWD library to DUWIND.


A large number of valuable research reports, books etc, that were written en collected during the CWD1 period at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe) were selected and transferred to the Wind energy group of the Delft University of Technology (DUWIND).

Theoretical and applied research on wind energy was executed over the years 1975-1990 by the CWD program, at both Universities of Technology of Twente and of Eindhoven (TUe).

At TUe, it was led by Paul Smulders, who guided about 100 students doing research in the  program that was aimed at developing water pumping wind mills for developing countries. After Paul had died, in 2009, the TUe did not have wind energy experts for guidance of students. Since several new request of students were made to DUWIND, professor Gijs van Kuik, head of DUWIND and the first professor in wind energy in the Netherlands, showed interest in taking over the remaining library, papers and wind data from various countries, collected over the years.

Friday 28th of January, the selection of valuable reports, papers, books and wind data, was done at the TUe, by prof Gijs van Kuik, Dr. Jos Beurskens (former head of the wind energy unit of ECN) and ir Erik Lysen (head of UCE), (both Jos and Erik belonged to the first students of Paul) and undersigned.

Paul’s wife Helène also donated books and reports from Paul’s private collection at home, which is valuable educational material in wind energy.

DUWIND will study the possibilities to make this knowledge available for students, so that they can build upon the valuable research done during these pioneering days of Dutch windenergy. We consider this day as the conclusive end of the remarkable and unique period of the CWD program at the TUe, and we hope that DUWIND will educate new engineers in the interesting field of wind energy for developing countries, in as many applications as possible. Contact address of DUWIND: DUWIND



Jan de Jongh.


1 CWD: Consultancy services Wind energy Developing countries.