News Date News Title
29-01-2021  29  January 2021: Bachir Afonso missing for one year
19-11-2019 ARRAKIS has stopped to operate as an organization
23-11-2016 SMART Centre group present at 7th RWSN forum Abidjan
06-10-2016 Development of the SMART Centre Group
04-06-2015 Foundation BFF Bioenergy Forum FACT
12-06-2014 Assist a village in mozambique; request for funding
22-12-2013 Jatropha for local development, after the hype
28-03-2013 Living water towards a water-secure world
26-03-2013 Rural water supply for all, for ever; can nicaragua become an example
19-12-2012 Seminar ”geloof in ontwikkelingswerk”
05-10-2012 Hivos jatropha expert meeting
11-06-2012 Sponsor event ”lijn in water loop in lelystad”
24-01-2012 Report on lessons learned jatropha for local development
28-11-2011 New water projects in malawi and ethiopia
06-07-2011 Gerrit jacobs is leaving arrakis
15-06-2011 President of mozambique visits jatropa project
22-03-2011 World water day 2011
30-11-2010 Santolic video
28-09-2010 Voortgang 26 scholen project in mozambique
28-02-2010 Wandelen voor water voor 26 scholen in mozambique
01-02-2010 Transfer of cwd knowledge to duwind
25-11-2009 Training centers for rural technologies mozambique
29-07-2009 In memoriam paul smulders
02-04-2009 Participation world water day 26 march 2009
21-03-2009 Welcome to the renewed arrakis website!