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lessons learned: Jatropha for local development – Report Nov. 2011

By: Jan de Jongh (Arrakis) & Flemming Nielsen (Banana hill) for FACT Foundation.

This report contains an assessment of the lessons learned from the first  three projects of FACT Foundation, concerning  jatropha projects in Honduras (Gota Verde), Mozambique (Bilibiza) and Mali (Garalo).
We sincerely hope that this report will support Jatropha practitioners around the world in their work, and we welcome your comments!

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Jatropha oil quality related to use in diesel engines and refining methods - Technical Note (2007)

Key words: clean renewable energy sources, biofuels, jatropha, conversion, rural development.

Description: Desk study and analysis of the requirements on Jatropha oil quality for use in diesel engines.

By Jan de Jongh and Thijs Adriaans (Ingenia, Eindhoven)

Document pdf-format (English): Jatropha oil & quality