Jatropha Handbook

The second edition of the FACT Jatropha Handbook was completed in 2009. This  handbook treats  all aspects of Jatropha, from agricultural production, to conversion to PPO and biodiesel and the applications, and the implementation as well. Since the first draft from 2006, much knowledge has been gained from FACT pilot projects and other projects in the world as well, such as from Diligent in Tanzania.The handbook is available in English, Spanish and (partly) in Portuguese from the FACT website. The overall coordination of rewriting this handbook was done by Jan de Jongh.



Coconut Handbook

The first edition of the FACT Coconut Handbook came online in August 2010. It contains valuable information for those interested to use coconuts for biofuel and other products. Under certain conditions (like on the pacific islands, or wherever large amounts of coconuts are processed) bioenergy from coconuts can be of value in securing energy supply.
This Handbook was written by Arrakis Associate Krishna Raghavan  

It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:



Fact sheet: Castor (Ricinus communis), Potential of castor for bio-fuel production


This Fact sheet is based on various inputs, including experiences with Castor in   the FACT-Gota Verde Project in Honduras. Main target groups of this document are parties involved in the development of sustainable biofuels in developing countries.

This Fact sheet was written by Flemming Nielsen and Jan de Jongh.

It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:  Castor Fact Sheet