ARRAKIS – for Rural Development

ARRAKIS has been operating as a small international development organization from 1990 till mid 2018.

Mid 2018 the organization withdraw as a private entrepreneur from the Chamber of Commerce. As a result no new projects can be executed by Arrakis. All partners, who were working with Arrakis are continuing however in the field of work Arrakis was involved in, aiming at sustainable rural development. Its focus was on capacity building of human resources and institutional development, as well as development and transfer of Affordable Technologies in the field of renewable energy (wind and biofuels)  and safe water supply  in rural areas of developing countries.

With a core group of closely related professionals, the ARRAKIS Partners, who are presently based in the Netherlands and  India, have built up a valuable network of counterparts worldwide. The focus was on Africa since 2003, with the objective to contribute to the realization of the MDG’s (later the SDG's), specifically on supplying access to safe drinking water and generating income possibilities, to fight poverty, hunger and health problems, in close cooperation with local organisations and taking care of the local environment.

"The name ARRAKIS refers to the books of Frank Herbert, which describe the evolution of the planet Dune. This inhospitable place is over the centuries changed into a green planet thanks to the efforts of its original people, the “Freemen”, who manage to develop a range of technologies and cultural habits that gradually lead to the greening of Dune."

ARRAKIS website ( ) will stay online for a not yet determined period. Eventual closing it down will be announced in a Newsletter.

Much of the experience gained with executing projects over the years is laid down in reports and manuals on this website. They can be downloaded for free for anybody who is interested