ARRAKIS – for Rural Development

ARRAKIS is an organization which concentrates on sustainable rural development. Its focus is on capacity building of human resources and institutional development, as well as development and transfer of Affordable Technologies in the field of renewable energy and safe water supply  in rural areas of developing countries.


Mission statement:


" Clean Energy & Water for Future Needs"

ARRAKIS, headed by Jan de Jongh MSc, has built up a long record of activities in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America since its foundation in 1990.

With a core group of closely related professionals, the ARRAKIS Team of Associates, who are presently based in the Netherlands, Uganda and  India, is developing innovative pilot projects and programmes that can lead to successful socio-economic development taking into account care for the planet as well.

ARRAKIS has built up a valuable network of counterparts worldwide, and is focussing on Africa, since 2003, with the objective to contribute to the realization of the MDG’s, specifically on supplying access to safe drinking water and generating income possibilities, to fight poverty, hunger and health problems.

"The name ARRAKIS refers to the books of Frank Herbert, which describe the evolution of the planet Dune. This inhospitable place is over the centuries changed into a green planet thanks to the efforts of its original people, the “Freemen”, who manage to develop a range of technologies and cultural habits that gradually lead to the greening of Dune."

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